Saturday, 8 August 2015


More excitement!

So i have just heard back from Dean Evans who gives talks on Passmore Edwards!
Many thanks to Anna Murphy who helped to connect us, she mentioned the recently renovated Blackwater Village Hall and it looks lovely!
"Following 5 years of fundraising, we have now completed the restoration of the Passmore Edwards Institute. Everyone who has been involved with the restoration project is hugely excited to see the building looking so beautiful.
The building has been designed to be accessible by all, including wheelchair users and those with limited mobility."
It is the first of the Passmore Edwards buildings, what a wonderful way to start our research for the Passmore Edwards / libraries branch of Doorways!

A draft blog from last term read:
Doorways has started and already the creativity in the company in response to it is exciting, exhilarating and inspiring. 
Creativity is also perspiration and frustration sometimes but for now "hurray" to be finally doing this long awaited project, a huge thank you to all who enabled us to get here, especially Barbara Santi and here we go…
With a three pronged creative stream in the main company: commissions, our own work interests, and projects. 
Before Christmas we were saved by fantastic commissions, this term we were enabled to follow our new creative interest “Always New” which we will follow up at our residency, and is empowering our summer outreach performances, and now we are pleased to be back to this source of inspiration Doorways.
Building on previous work in our pilot and looking at new sources of research and development.

As always with the way we work you start in one direction and find yourself looking at it from other vantage points. Zoe took photographs of Doorways around St Peter’s Hall, fantastic, ‘the girls” went out with Jo Lumber to photograph in Newlyn.

 for "girls" photos see Shallal Studio blog:

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