Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Meetings! and Shallal restart info 11th September

It could be a hard commute to work, with not rush hour but holiday traffic, and Lou arrived at the Studio residency to eventually work with the artists after setting off 3 hours before.
However.....I detoured to Joe's studio ( to drop off Michael ) and arrived in time to St Ives, sunny and congested but beautiful the light is amazing, you could drink it up!
Meeting with Colin and then George to finish this term and prepare for next.
Art runs into itself and has it's own momentum and dialogue, but in teams and with planning you need to capture points and reflect and prepare before the next enthusiasm and struggle.

So much good had come out of the residency and so much new exciting work to prepare for in Cornish Doorways.

Welcome home also to Demelza after 3 months in Spain.

Photos from George of our meeting/s!

coffee for Colin and logistics

perch for lunch break and last conversation 

George and i sat against a wall near the sea, then returned to the studio to wait with the artists and had final chat - so interesting - we both felt we were just dipping our toe into this world of possibilities and discovery in improvisation.
I don't think i have worked with someone before so committed to improvisation and in touch with it in the social and creative way.
Lots to look forward to and Dean Evans giving us a talk our first day back so straight into the next phase bringing along all the skills and insights we have gained.

Shallal Dance Theatre restarts 11th September, first meeting at Blackwater Village Hall.

with talk by Dean Evans on Passmore Edwards.

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