Thursday, 4 December 2014

Shallal 2 Portmeor exhibition rehearsal, Thank you to Anne

Last night Shallal 2 went to Falmouth Art Gallery to rehearse, the beauty of the space: surrounded by current Porthmeor Studios art work, shiny smooth wooden floor, high ceiling was enjoyed by all of us, it helped us focus and there was a lot to do. Everyone rose to the occasion as I changed the order and one piece of music...
The rehearsals had been struggling with a narrative that seemed to work, but didn't narrative out the window - hurray for me, I'm not a story teller - but a struggle for some performers who are congratulations to Eddie as he found his way through all the changes and by the end had taken his characters and scenarios into their new flow. We are now working 'contrasts' and are much happier, if we could have a large stage...who knows maybe Performance Centre in the summer - I would explore splitting it and using alternate sides. But for now, well done performers and thank you for your patience it has been a tough creation process, we have lost Peter for this term as he had health issues and he held a lot of the focus in some dances, but we have been joined by Andrew whose mum Aileen dedicatedly drives from their home at St Breward nr Wadebridge each week, so Andrew can come, and Zoe Osmond who has worked with us over years but hasn't  been available for a performance before.
Thanks to Falmouth councillors Candy Atherton and Hannah Toms for supporting this project as well as Falmouth Art Gallery for the invitation.

Thanks also to new trustee Tina Cockett and all past and present behind the scenes supporting Shallal.

Big Thank you to trustee Anne Mackay who has just left.
 Anne has done most things in her time with us:
Supporting many early Shallal 2 sessions, supporting performances and fund raising events, introducing the popular open mike sessions, research, writing applications for Friends and Dancing particularly, supporting and developing the new Sketchbooks and Shallal Studios, supporting main company Art  and production sessions, generating sponsorship from Derwent art suppliers and more..... This is where you begin to worry you have forgotten something. I have, her whole family have given generously of their time and talents, digital support and design from Jem, Zian and Jewel helping at fund raising events, Rhoda a loyal audience, and Skye - we'll save her full thanks for another time - who we all know so well and this is just the art side as behind the scenes within the trustees and ethos world Anne has shared skills, outlook and support, and has seen many changes in her 5+ years with us and without the support from trustees behind the scenes we may not have survived.
Jo Lumber, Jewel, Jem, Skye, Anna, Anne, Sue Leggett and Toby

Thanks also to trustee Sue Leggett who helped us for a year and brought valuable skills, approach and experience.

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