Thursday, 18 December 2014


Quick snap shots from verbal feedback received last night.

Joanne had never seen us before, Tony has seen us a lot and Zoe as a new performer, also interestingly an artist and musician, as I write this I realise that they all are artists and musicians, Zoe is currently studying Art A level.

"Very moving" ........Joanne Short

"Dances really worked well with the exhibition in both galleries....."
 Tony Minnion

"As soon as I leave school I want to join the main company" ........Zoe Osmond 16 her first performance with us

Welcome to Andrew who joins us also for his first performance although used to performing with Access Theatre.

Thank you to photographer Simon Roff - photos coming soon.

It feels as though Shallal 2 is embedding itself deeper into the artistic world of Falmouth, with a good capacity audience of family and friends and those who haven't seen us approx 35, and thanks to the Falmouth Art Gallery for the commission and their support and councillors Hanna Toms and Candy Atherton whose community chest donations helped to fund our rehearsals.

Last comment from Lou Brett who although she has given us so much help hadn't seen a performance before:
"Thank you so much for the show tonight ..... I really loved it and it really felt like a response to artists' studios and making art - the more abstract it was the better it became.  Congratulations for all of that creative work."

It was a particularly hard devising and rehearsal process this time so wonderful to see it work so well and receive feedback. Thank you and well done to all the performers some of whom were unstinting in their creative efforts towards it all, and here's to the next show! 

Lastly for me the pleasure of feedback and discussion afterwards with my husband Peter who until his recent poor health has seen nearly all our work, and is my favourite critic - obviously! -he could see the difference our new improvisation approaches have given to the work.

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