Thursday, 11 December 2014

Words not used in funding applications (and notes from Penlee House performance next Friday 19th Dec)

Starving in our garrets isn't quite as appropriate an image for performing artists as visual artists or writers, and the world changes, patronage is always important, helpful and necessary and we spend a lot of time working on applications and bids.
We have an excellent voluntary team at present and so I do hope one day to be less involved in the actual writing......anyway there are certain words you learn to replace and i would like now to celebrate them and use them again as they are the words of poetry which don't always or often sit with accountability, planning, strategy, outputs, outcomes and money - the words of bid writing.

Poetic Words

Hope of my absolute favourites and not to be lost
Unsure ...................actually opening to the world of, we don't know everything?!

The reason for these, I am sitting down preparing words of poetry for next Friday's performance at Penlee House. I am looking forward to it as we drag out and dust off old favourites, along side new work:
I sit here immobile - beautiful, from Bill's Dream performed in Penlee Gardens many years ago
Mothers and Daughters with it's third set of mothers and daughters, the original Marjorie and Zoe are joined by Katie and Zo with Katherine
Port Quinn - third time, first performed at The Acorn Theatre, Penzance over 20 years ago, when we were named Sea-Saw!
Johnny Groat whose main performance was before the start of a Mazey Day Parade out side St John's Hall over 20 years ago!! with Tim and Zoe
I first heard this song at a friends wedding party in a quarry with a lake, it was sung by Crone Hire, Anna Marie Murphy and Sue Hill, who had just paddled around the corner with a large withy pink heart lantern in a canoe - not to be forgotten!

Also inspired by the fact that my favourite art forms are non-verbal, dance, art, music they open us to the world without words, which can surround them but but can't fully explain them.

Next week our performance is inspired by the Walter Langley painting titled "Time Moveth Not, Our Being 'Tis That Moves" 1882.

Thank you to our new trustee Tina who researched these for us.

"Time …..
Still on its  march, unheeded and unfelt,
Moves our being
We do live and breathe
And we are gone"

Henry Kirk White

Here's the passage where the quote for the painting comes from:

Time moveth not! - our being ‘tis that moves;
And we, swift gliding down life’s rapid stream,
Dream of swift ages and revolving years,
Ordain’d to chronicle our passing days:So the young sailer in the gallant bark,
Scudding before the wind, beholds the coast
Receding from his eyes, and think the while
Struck with amaze, that he is motionless,
And that the land is sailing. 

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  1. Sadly, I Sit Here Immobile and Bill's Dream never was performed in Penlee Gardens, though we did enough rehearsals there to feel as if it was.
    At the last minute the weather was so bad for the 2 nights, that it was shifted to The Acorn.
    I don't go back far enough for Port Quinn and Johnny Groat though!