Sunday, 23 November 2014

Shared Vision 25 July - late post of feedback/comments

while checking through old posts I found this in draft form....never too late to share so here it is with apologies for lateness!

Audience Comments

"...really enjoyed the performance it was beautiful."  

"Absolutely beautiful evening  - thank you again Shallal,"  Kerry xxx (Kerry worked with us many years ago) 

"Very moving" - Helen James

"Brilliant Show"

"Thank you for a very entertaining evening with lots of magical moments."

"We came to see Shared Vision at the Performance Centre and wish to say how wonderful it was.  Thank you to all who participated and to Jo and Colin and everybody.  The dancing, the themes and the music, absolutely terrific.

Thank you,"

Esmé, Cathy, Peter and cousin Caroline and friend Paru.

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