Sunday, 3 August 2014

Shared Vision some Shallal Dance Theatre photos by Simon Roff and link to Andy's

Big thank you to Jo Lumber's friend Jeff Roff who kindly came and took photographs for us at Shared Vision. "Thank you for a very entertaining evening with lots of magical moments."

There are more photos coming of Shallal 2 and we are pleased to have them as they need some high quality images.
However it challenges my indecision to choose them, so here is a first selection and more soon.
Shallal performers can see all Jeff's photos next term on my macbook.

Big thank you to to our friend Andy Parker who came along and took photographs for us, his are available to view on:

I have put this selection in as it shows the development within one of George's pieces....these are our new open improvisations.

George in the corner
George recently had a successful personnel grant from the
Big thank you to them as George can now share and develop playing with talented company members on another wave drum. It was wonderful to hear his music within the space. Thank you again to somewhere- to and the Performance Centre ( James, Nick and Adrian ) for making this event possible!

Structure, freedom and intent, so excited to see everyone rise to and explore this new development of our work

it allows so many more dynamic possibilities and gives the artists more freedom of expression, choice, direction etc

La Mer, Jo Lumber's inspired idea has now been seen: around St Ives,  Mazey day, Morrab Gardens and Penzance prom , in a marque at Holifield, in a courtyard at Godolphin House and finally here at The Performance centre, where next?

Jo, Lauren and Toby in La Mer 

Off today to visit Charlotte at Kneehigh office, and Peter Bates at VSF - about the Shallal Studio initiative - and  meeting with Colin tomorrow and then Playfest with Shallal 2 on Thursday and the holidays!

Thank you to everyone involved in Shallal, creatively it has been a good year, despite many unexpected changes, and the creative work keeps developing and we are so pleased to have Toby back moving after his fall.

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