Monday, 4 August 2014

crowd funder for making time new photographic constructions

Our home, used for Shallal summer picnics, normally has nine to eleven people living in it. We are fortunate to have interesting and lovely people often live with us as lodgers or tenants, Oli and Zeph lived in our blue hut for quite a while and this is Oli's crowd fund request. His photography sometimes reminds me of the powerful stillness and abstraction of Rothko and so if you feel like supporting contemporary art/photography, please consider this. 

".........a group of us have just launched a crowd funding project on Kickstarter  and we need your support.
We are putting on a photographic exhibition at the Penwith Gallery in St. Ives this Autumn and are seeking funding to print a unique, limited edition catalogue to go with the show.
Follow the link below to our Kickstarter page and watch the video, as you will see you do actually get something in return for your hard earned cash!

Please pledge if you can as every bit helps....We are almost a third of the way there!"

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