Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Playfest Shallal 2 outreach debut

Tomorrow sees us at Playfest

Shallal 2's outreach debut, 6 dancers joined by guest artist! Colin from the main company, I can't really do outreach (or much in performance work) without Colin and you can enjoy a workshop with him after the short show. A chance to see Shallal 2's work from Shared Vision in an entirely different venue. 
Timings at present are Performance 3.15pm and Workshop 4pm.

Although some of the performers are in both companies Shallal 2's work has a different style and feel which was commented on after the last show.

All photos from Shallal 2's Shared Vision except this one. Peter was very keen to try the main co and so he joined us for one of George's improvisations, seen here he is with Skye and Colin - who is dropping in or bouncing out!!

Anna in mid air, thank you to Freefall, http://www.freefalldance.co.uk/#home Anna, Skye and now Annis enjoy Emily and Grace's classes and it gives them more technique to combine with and develop their work

Birdgirl this piece was originally developed for Mind the Gap in memory of Eileen and it is lovely to see it revived differently, it is now nearly 7 years since Eileen died.
photos by Andy Parker and Simon Roff.

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