Saturday, 9 August 2014

Shallal 2 Shared Vision .....some photos

Well done and thank you to Anne, Peter, Miles, Skye Jo and Anna and of course Colin for Playfest and to Matthew and team for coping with my, "shall we / shan't we" attitude to the dance floor shall we leave it, take it up, take it  half up!!)

Last night i also had the pleasure of watching echoes dance co at The Performance Centre and seeing old friend Olga (who performed for 12yrs in Shallal - time flies). Their second half piece was a lovely mixture of structure and improvisation with many facets and moods.

David who was there reminded about photos of Shallal 2 so in preparation for my holiday i hope to post some now. These are by Simon Roff.......


Jo, Paul and Anna

There are still some nice rehearsal photos by Annis ( Happy Birthday to Annis - we owe her some cake and a card!) i will ask someone else to choose more.....

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