Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Photos from 2iis and news

Hot off the press is Barbara's lovely record of some of 2iis on film, with Demelza singing.


Tom While ( Sam's brother) made a film about the company for his degree. The film has been shown to his assessors but is unfortunately not yet on public viewing on Vimeo, it received very positive feedback and we hope we can post the link to it soon! Also a reminder you can see RED on Vimeo www.vimeo.com/67321025 and grateful thanks to patron Robert Fripp for the use of his music. (Barbara experimented with her new camera in the production of these 2 films for 2iis.)

Well, here i am trying to finish a report and now finding photos, all towards my goal i tell myself!

Once i sit down to relook at them i am always struck by how good Andy is, and what he captures, at first i have such a strong memory of the event i can't always see it through his eyes and just remember my own images, but when time has settled i can see them more clearly and so enjoy and appreciate the moments he captures.
There is so much that frames the work. Shallal performers have, i feel, always had a quality of work, but framing is so important, good production, sound, lighting, costume, all the productions skills, which have in the past sometimes been erratic, so my profound gratitude to all who work with us to "finish and frame" the product and help it to be more widely seen.

Don't miss Poetic Places ( a fundraiser to help fill the gapswhere moving poems and much of the 2iis work can be seen. The main company has an outreach invitation to New County Hall on the 24th to perform for a visiting European delegation...
Oh, and the Studio are very grateful to The Skinners'Company Lady Neville Charity for funding an ipad for us, very excited about all the new creative opportunities it will enable the Studio artists to explore.....
On with the show, or some of it, in photos:

Lydia as The Queen of Hearts

distributing her jam tarts, with ladies in waiting...

The Queen of Hearts also had an installation corner, "pink bling" which attracted many sitters. Demelza here reading Andy's picture book, made for 2iis, ( now on dislpay at his exhibition!). Many performers come with a wealth of experience to share and Demelza brings Flamenco - which you can guess by her "look"! The book was one of many things we were able to trial and explore thanks to this project.

Daniel, has a natural comic timing and this was his first show with us, and we loved working with him and are very impressed by his talent, he has chosen to stop but we hope  he may continue again in the future, it is an interesting thing that Michael Truscott years ago pointed out to me, that art requires a need to do it (in yourself) not just talent..

Tango/cafe :Debs, Katherine and Toby

Lauren and Giles
Lauren hopes to come regularly now she can get a lift...

October: Trevor asked to work with Zoe some time ago

October: this is the piece Tom While's film concentrates on

mother and daughter,  Demelza and Zennor
so far in Shallal this is our 4th set of mothers and daughters and we have a piece in our repertoire especially created for them 

inspiring the next generation! 

Band; Elaine, Skye and Colin

Band: Lydia has a great comic sense and is really settling in well this was her first show with us, here with Daniela

Band; Demelza, Jo and Daniel


musical installation on the move to play for a pop up

the girls on plinths, there are lots of wonderful photos of this pop up for more go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/fezparker/9009925683/sizes/m/in/photostream/

"Fantastic! Lovely use of the gardens/good setting for the variety of performances ( really liked the 2 girls silently dancing on the wall). Very gentle and relaxing. Good performances." audience

Spanish lullaby by the fountain 

Band; quirky moment in large improvisation

Daniela and Colin - they work together in Open House sessions
Barbara filming record of the day coming soon

dresses in bandstand, Debs and Anna did a fantastic "high heeled "pop up here later in the afternoon 
shoes before their pop up dance, they also had their own corner installation

Kerry and Jessie working by the plinth

the need for shade, food and water etc

dressing/waiting room, Michael in glasses and hat!
Michael has returned early to London to see relatives, we wish him a Happy Birthday, and look forward to seeing him again in September 

line up, Toby,( main co and Studio artist)  Miles ( Shallal 2),  Jo L ( Shallal 2 and now main co and will be working with us is in Moving Words) Anne ( trustee, Skye's mum),  Jewel ( Skye's sister),  George ( music in main co ) and Barbara ( film)

George playing for flower pop ups

Duane his last show with us, i am collecting photos for Trevor below as he misses him

 Tom While's photos:

Ruth setting up

Thank you to KEAP and their visiting Story Republicans

butterfly catcher with wild and wonderful flower
"Fantastic, we enjoyed what we saw immensely. The Tango was great and my little one loved the giant sized props - namely the butterfly net and the huge teddy. Lively, joyful, funny and life affirming. Thank you."

"..... loved the performance. My 3yr old has played and danced a lot too. She liked being caught in the butterfly net. Thank you for a brilliant performance."

"Perfectly in tune with the setting and imbued the environment with creativity and spontaneity. My three year old could not hold back from joining in! Very moving watching everybody interact inclusively and using their strengths for self expression."

"It’s wonderful to see a project/event at a place like this, in the middle of the community. Entertaining and uplifting. 
Thank you x"

"What a lovely atmosphere! It’s great to see performance in the open air, and it seems to be really inclusive. We’ve enjoyed the colours, dancing and music. Thank you!"

Enjoyable and diverse, entertaining and quirky!

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