Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shallal Summer Picnic photo ipad thanks, photos from St Ives

for our new studio ipad, we have been trying it out this week, ready for Monday at The Exchange! We have 7 sketchbooks on the go and are getting tutorials on the app and skills. We are getting to know the camera and below are some examples.
Photos from yesterdays Summer Picnic.
Many people were busy or away but we still make a goodly number and had a joyful time, so nice to just be together without the pressure.

All the best to Echoes who were in rehearsal and so Kerry, Star and Demelza were unable to join us.
We wish them well with their show Beyond the Pale Eddie, Paul and David from Shallal 2 came, after the photos shoot as they had been with APEX. We took the photos before Giles and Trevor left. Colin put the proposal from Debs and our St Ives meeting for Trevor to possibly do a stunt - he is pleased at the idea. Very good news that Marjorie plans to return to the main co in September.
Although i don't work August ( for a start you can't drive anywhere, we lend Cornwall to the holiday visitors). I am excited for Shallal to be invited to The PlayFest in Truro, Thursday afternoon, 8th August and we hope to take a small outreach performance group and explore improvisation even further opening up our summer dances into interactive pieces with the children - oh fun ---thanks again to ACE for our recent research project!
Giles wanted some photos with us, so on ipad again!

Friday we had a training morning - thanks to Debs for updating us and for tea, coffee and homemade cake!
Then we were off to St Ives again, so beautiful! and to meet Jo Mayes re September festival pop ups!
walking to meetings barefoot across the sand, 
(returning with ice cream in hand. 
-if you can face the seagulls!)
St Ives Guildhall with new access
lovely courtyard with Barbara Hepworth sculpture

Jo L writer and main co ( and Shallal 2) performer, Colin support facilitator, transport, staging, design, multi tasking and performer

and why do I want to take a picture of half of my "office?"perhaps as I am about to go into holiday mode?
 before that happens we have: 
The Shallal Sketchbooks at The Exchange
1-5pm on Monday
a Trustees meeting, 
a meeting with Charlotte from Kneehigh and The Dracaena Centre, hatching plans for Rambles 
to come there in October,
 and plans for a Bread and Writing day in their barns?
Catching up with Dot on bid writing
Performing at Play Fest 8th August tbc

the "not again" - short, we hope -funding gap, 
Raffle and Sponsored Dance plans in the air

still searching for our rich patron, philanthropist!

So much going on, 
Wednesday we were at County Hall, 
so good to hear Kyle sing,
...hope we may collaborate sometime.
And good to see Andy there and so photos coming soon...

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