Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Shallal Sketchbooks and Studio Artists day out at The Exchange as guests of the Story Republic.
We were thrilled that all The Story Republicans chose to participate in the sketchbooks, we went past and they were busy filling them in already.
Pauline Shepherd writer in residence in the background   

Ben's great cartoon storyline.
 A limited few are still available in this batch of our first 100 sketchbooks.
 We had an enthusiastic uptake and are very encouraged and excited by their first real outing.
 It's an idea which people readily catch on to and like, inclusion and participation, sharing ideas and creativity in a fun, non threatening, non judgemental way. There were many comments on the different sketchbooks and I hope to take out a comments book in future, so we can collect them and artists can read responses to their work.

We are very grateful to the inspiration for this from The Sketchbook Project also does a host of exciting interactive world wide arts projects, look them up, some of their projects are free to join in.

Fi is writing about us in her column in The Cornishman.
"Shallal Dance Company was also there promoting their new sketchbook project. Inviting people to chart their artistic journeys over an eight week period, you don’t need to be able to draw. Words, doodles, collage, pictures, quotes... anything you fancy is absolutely fine. Unleashing your own inner creativity, the sketchbooks will form part of a travelling exhibition. Suitably inspired I signed up for one. Interested? Contact "
Thanks to Toby, Zoe, Sam, Colin and Jo L we had a good time, and to Michael for providing tutorials on app 53 on our new exciting ipad - i will stop raving about it soon!

Welcome to your Shallal Sketchbook!

We are so glad you have chosen to join us on our first round of many Shallal Sketchbooks - please write your name on the label on the inside back cover of your sketchbook.

You will have the sketchbook for approximately 8 weeks. It is then returned to us so it can be logged and included within the Shallal Sketchbooks initiative, and becomes part of a travelling exhibition
and installation, which will be included in Open Studios, and other Shallal events and performances. If you wish to be kept informed
about these events please give us your email address, or follow
us on the Shallal blog:

Please return your sketchbook to whoever gave it to
you – you will be advised of the return date. Thanks!

There is the list of themes to help inspire you and get you started: you will find them inside the envelope the sketchbook comes in.

We welcome all creative initiatives, but please keep all content ‘family friendly’ as we are an inclusive community arts charity. Feel free to use whatever medium inspires you…. paint, collage, pen, ink, charcoal, mixed media, photographs etc. There is a suggested donation of £1, but please give more if you are able to support us.

Shallal Sketchbooks were inspired by the Art House initiative in Brooklyn NY, USA If you wish to participate in a global touring sketchbook project look them up!

and more?
Welcome to our new trustee Viv Stanton. Viv has many gifts and we look forward to working with her.
Felt the need to blog photos of the wonderful spread provided at Viv's home for our trustees meetings, (a continuing tradition from our last chairperson, many thanks to Gill).
We are looking for one or two more trustees if you are interested, or know someone who might be please contact us at our email address. 

Just found this:
(like the reviews by Colin and Anna, words by people we know and respect help us along!)

“The inclusion and recognition of sometimes overlooked voices adds to the richness and humanity of our culture. The inclusive arts shows us that each of us has our own extraordinary perspective and that all of us have a right to have that valued and witnessed.” Rory McDermott.

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