Saturday, 27 July 2013

end of term quotes

End of term quotes collecting and reviewing from groups/correspondence.
The first are from our Friends and Dancing Group in Falmouth:

"I am a support worker for Falcare. We have been bringing our clients to dance with Jo and her team every week by popular demand.
Everyone staff and service users alike have been extendng their abilities and imagination. We explore the potential we each have, with music and without. We stretch, we dance, we discuss and compare, and we relax at the end of the class.
It is a wonderful creative high point of our week, and the positive changes on the service users has been exciting and remarkable.
We cannot thank you all enough."
Mel Clark

"Like dancing
Like exercises"

"I like dancing seeing my friends" 

"This is an extension of dancing from a long time (ago) from mostly Falmouth and St Austell, Eden Project"

"I like joining ( in ) everything"

"Enjoy coming to the dance class because everyone no matter what abilities people have or have not nobody rushes you
 and for some (it's) not too demanding"

Yvonne and Leslie

general correspondence and thoughts: 

"I'm so happy to be part of Shallal; it is enormously fulfilling to put energy and dedication into something so meaningful."

 ".....(audience from Falmouth Art Gallery Shallal 2) .... very moved and impressed with it all ........ She made an interesting comment that as an audience member she got so much out of it and had a cathartic experience; she thought the audience response was something important to include in the funding bids .......... as the work seems to give so much to the spectator as well as the participants." 

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