Monday, 27 May 2013

SHALLAL 2's second performance today. Photos from last week; Private view and preparations for 2iis.

Today is Shallal 2's second performance at what is becoming a nice new home for us at Falmouth Art Gallery, this will be the 3rd performance they have hosted for us, the last two being by invitation - thank you to them.
It's a lovely space, high ceiling and smooth wooden floor.
Yesterday we did a workshop there. Thank you to Jo Lumber for support and it was great to have Colin, Rowan and Sybil there, 3 generations!
The workshop was based around their new painting "Venus attired by the three graces,"I really enjoy working from /with visual art and we were hatching plans for more possibilities yesterday.

Shallal 2 are performing 3 Parts, which was created for the Fundraiser, with some poetry and prose and a new piece inspired by the painting.The work is in the new style of performance which really suits them, open group improvisations.
The performance is at 2pm and is 20 mins long. Free entry, do come along to see them.The painting is hung behind them!

Tomorrow they are out again with a few of the main company at Holi-day.
Pop ups ( main co) 1-2pm
Workshop with Colin 2-3pm
Shallal 2 performance 3.10pm

some photos from last week!

 Outside Open Studio Private view, sitting around looking at first Sketchbooks!
Zoe sold a painting.

 You can see the carousel to hold the sketchbooks here. A lovely object and fits the spec beautifully, created by Toby. The pleasure of looking at them works and Peter, who has not quite understood my enthusiasm for them, did by the end of the evening.
The sun shone and it was an enjoyable evening, Thanks to Colin and Toby for the hard work of setting up the space, Diana for her endless patience and creativity with us which enables creative problem solving, to Laura for manning the studio half the time these next few days, you can still catch it today and tomorrow 11am-3pm.
Sam's work which is less known was widely enjoyed and commented on and he also "sold" work.
Plans for the Studio can continue thanks to the offer of support from Sue and the possibility of a new trustee, more about these positive outcomes another time, but the Studio managed to do what Shallal has always survived by each venture brings more support and possibilities. We are much in need of this as well as being resiliant Shallal is a fragile creature, and we never want to stop once we my mind which has been holding the studio trying to find a way through can now grasp possibilities. Bottom line is always that we find a way to continue and having found that we build wonderful exciting possibilities on top, solos show next is something i would like to see for these 3 artists, then how to work with other artists outside Shallal to increase their exposure ( one from the John Daniel Centre whose work I love and have seen for years)....we have so many potential dreams for the work.
Meeting with Terry tonight to discuss ways forward and then will talk to all those involved.
Toby showed me the flower and butterfly net he has been making for 2iis they are huge, I look forward to seeing them on Friday.

a few more photos!
new acquisitions, a platform for painting murals, percussion/music stand for 2iis and performance work!
tailors dummy on wheels ( new name Geraldine) to bring into reality Zoe's fashion designs, and a box!

Barbara editing the red dress film with company, Debs trying to complete sketchbook at the same time - multi tasking

We had hoped to make a small cutlery/ kitchen utensil style art work with Trevor who loves to draw round objects and cut out, however not everything has come to fruition, as is always the way, so another time! Background group trying out decorating shoes...and handbag.

Some more photos from the woods.....

decorated shoes hiding in the woods!

trying to work above the stream!

red cloth leading us back to Gyllyngdune!
Anna's photo

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