Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sketchbook thanks! and more

The sketchbooks are returning!
Thanks to all those who have returned them so far and a gentle reminder and looking forward to seeing them, to those still out there. A perk of the job! was to spend the other night looking through them and to be enchanted, amused, stimulated, excited and many other positive and relaxing emotions from looking at peoples art work/ideas, doodles, poems, stories, still lifes, photos, colour studies, portraits etc, etc - THANK YOU!
The life of the Sketchbooks continue as Amanda Harris has picked up 10 to be included in KEAP's Story Republicans, they will travel with them to Launceston Castle, Heartlands and Fal River Festival.
Anna Marie Murphy has filled in her sketchbook already and it's a wonderful read/explore, recommended. Anna gave Shallal it's name and was the main theatre / performance founder when Shallal started many years ago, before going off to pursue her writing and performing career.

So so much coming up this half term and lots of finishing going on, this is where I really rely on others input;
Shallal 2 visited the Falmouth Art Gallery to work with their muse, Venus and the 3 graces, the painting by Ann Killigrew, fantastic for stimuli.
We are a fairly tall group and the space felt small so there was adjusting and polishing to do to the pieces as well as bringing in the 3 people who had been unavailable for rehearsals recently, but we kept going and the end result was really pleasing, incorporating ideas from Eddie and the structure clarifying itself all the time.
Last week Jo Lumbers came to the main co and in conversation in the car i heard myself say;
and Intention

so that's the latest analysis for our larger pieces especially, (and impressed by and formulated from listening to a break down of Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance.)

Studios: we are in Open Studios, Private View, Saturday 25th May 5-8pm - Hope to see you there!

Main co, ideas all finally collating as there are so many, need to be careful not to miss some and as ever some grow and others never quite follow through - though they often reemerge. The human statues/ sculptures didn't emerge at Godolphin may at Gyllyngdune, we shall see today. In the company we have had illness, cars being repaired, broken ankle - Arran, filming to incorporate - lovely in the park last week, brought it all to life and looked beautiful under the beech trees.
It is a good learning, research and development curve.
A very different feel to a show, so an unknown for us ...and hopefully will really help build the new skills, talents and confidence in the company.

And meanwhile in the background the endless search for continual funding, we hope to go for some longer project funding in the future to help this.
Many thanks to local organisations; Falmouth Firebrigade for funding from their annual Fireworks Display which is currently supporting Shallal 2's rent, and Fal Care for helping maintain Friends and Dancing. (This week's session was one where i was in awe of the progress and confidence of some of the participants.)

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