Monday, 3 June 2013

2iis feedback

Well done everyone for Friday and lovely to have such a sunny day for it.

Written feedback collected follows and photos from Ruth.
Thanks to Ruth for setting up so many of the installations within the time needed and to everyone at Gyllyngdune Gardens for their cheery, helpful support. More photos and link to moving image installation which supported the bandstand installation and red cloth pop up, coming soon.

Many things learnt from the day and the experience which will allow us to shape new work in the future, and build on themes from these. Looking forward to feedback session with the company on Friday.

A big thank you to Duane who gave so much this event and Doorways and increased the theatrical and risk taking element within the company. He is returning for a while to Australia, he brought many supportive skills to the company and we are very grateful, and hope to see him on his return.

It was one of the most enjoyable days I’ve spent in a long while. The setting is wonderful and the show was just perfect for the surroundings. It was well paced, considering it lasted for a number of hours. To be entertained in many different ways with dance, art , colour, props, music, by many people for a long time, in such a place was a pleasure.

Loved it. Professional dancers just lovely will certainly recommend to others with adults with learning difficulties.
Lovely compostions.
Eleanor and Lydia are here with me and say they are gorgeous and very sexy young ladies!!!
Lydia’s mum

Even though I join Shallal on a Wednesday as a support worker at Falcare. I have loved the performance. My 3yr old has played and danced a lot too. She liked being caught in the butterfly net. Thank you for a brilliant performance.

Lovely performance, in a relaxed atmosphere with lovely surroundings. Well done all.


Enjoyable and diverse, entertaining and quirky!

Perfectly in tune with the setting and embued the enviromnet with creativity and spontaneity. My three year old could not hold back from joining in! Very moving watching everybody interact inclusively and using their strengths for self expression.

Fantastic, we enjoyed what we saw immensely. The Tango was great and my little one loved the giant sized props - namely the butterfly net and the huge teddy. Lively, joyful, funny and life affirming. Thank you.

What a lovely atmosphere! It’s great to see performance in the open air, and it seems to be really inclusive. We’ve enjoyed the colours dancing and music. Thank you!

I enjoyed the group dancing and thought the clowns brought some fun.

A lovely summer’s day fiesta siesta....

I really enjoyed the dancing, quite different, great fun. Thanks  Marjorie

Fantastic work. Have really enjoyed it. Will come to next event.

Fantastic! Lovely use of the gardens/good setting for the variety of performances ( really liked the 2 girls silently dancing on the wall). Very gentle and relaxing. Good performances.

Very calming, moving and inspiring.
Please to see expression through dance for special needs.

It’s wonderful to see a project/event at a place like this, in the middle of the community.

Entertaining and uplifting. Thank you x.

main co improvisation

Daniel's design umbrella figures, ( created with Jo Lumber)

Elaine's butterfly, one of many on an arch.

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