Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Red dresses in the bluebell woods

So off we went to the woods!
very last minute (both Barbara -film maker - and Debs have been very busy)
the weather smiled on us and at the end of a long day for everyone, we were in the beautiful bluebell woods by Debs home, with The Kennal flowing by and the evening light filtering through. I picked up Anna's camera and took some snaps, see below...
Barbara tried out her new camera, so research and development not only with the ideas film into pop ups and installations but also camera technique, it does amazing slow motion and you have to wait for a while after each shoot....for more techy info ask Barbara! it really suited the material being moved.
This idea came from Anna's theme of the red dress and photography, and has already developed..the colour is stunning in the landscape, against wood, water and the vibrant green of the new grass and leaves.
And yes i am blogging to avoid.....not bid writing- for a change! - but final timetable for the 31st and more..
Such a busy time ahead and it was not planned as such it all just happened to fall in next week, and then inclusivity day and then Penzance Literary festival Shallal fundraiser and starting R&D for St Ives Access project, pop ups in St Ives Festival in September.....

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