Friday, 26 October 2012

workshops - new work, main co and news!

Snap shots for main co:

we're approximately 25 in main co at the moment as well as 2 dancing, multi talented backstage supporters!
(Ollie now on Music Performance BTEC and Tina an experienced dance therapist)

 It's been great to return to workshopping for a few weeks and we've had fun, such a lot of talent and ideas present themselves all the time, it's challenging for me, almost too many choices to be made! what to follow, how to initiate structures to frame the work. However this week a dance created itself as 2 Sunsets did a while ago...more down the page....
workshopping is a good way to welcome new people such as Lydia and Daniela, Lydia here in blue Tshirt! Anna in red

Marjorie and Skye enjoy working together and this very humourous piece we want to return to; so adding images here to remind us, ("7 buttons, no 9" is the other key to it for me), they are both versatile artists and their humour was really enjoyable in this piece created from exchanging movement and words

this was the second dance to October by Ruth Wall, harpist
clusters of dancers and it worked first time in both groups, so we will revisit this
Trevor and Zoe producing some sensitive and beautiful work together.
One of our catch ups is to ask who woud like to work on, develop work with other people? and Trevor asked to work with Zoe some time ago

FilmTom came with Dan and Ned to introduce them and start their work by enabling everyone to meet them.  Really looking forward to what their work will bring, and discussing filming October in Penlee Gardens as a "pop up" when warmer! scattered groups dancing and moving under those lovely big green trees.

Arran, Katie's brother  now dancing with us. 

Enthusiastic spontaneous signing circle last week and this week a visit from Debbie who signs at Hall for Cornwall performances, we hope to continue discussions and learning.

Debs stayed on for writing and 3 poems were created with lots of ideas, for performing, singing. 

Art group gaining more structure to keep focus as well as allow freedom to explore, and Costume coming soon, Anna, Zoe, Debs and Ollie are very enthusiatic.

Good news came in from Diana before we left to say that the application to Duchy Health Trust is successful, so the Aiming High project will roll out and continue, everyone very pleased!

Everyone sends love to Toby and Raindrop ( pictures of Raindrop a wonderful border collie can be seen on the blog "dreaming" in various places), Raindrop fell recently and is getting older and more frail, so they didn't come in this week.

Shallal 2 
really gaining momentum and some enthusiastic participants with wonderful work being created, hopefully some photos soon. 
Daniela came this week and we are really pleased to be working with her in the new year in Shallal 2 and the main co!

Danielas-SchlemmDaniela Schlemm 23.12.69  Germany/ Cornwall

works as an actress, Fool (modern fool), as well as a dance and drama teacher.
She is a state-certified clown and trained, in addition to many training courses and workshops (Keith Johnstone, Ka Rustler, Gerry Flanagan, Tony Glaser,...), mainly by TuT (School of Dance, Clown and Theater, Hannover) and Franki Anderson "Fooling" (The Empty Space project,, Cornwall, UK), to whom she is especially grateful and whose work she passionately supports and passes on.
Interestingly, even Laban’s first piece was called “Fool’s Mirror (“Narrenspiegel”).
Daniela Schlemm studied 6 years psychology and is a CLMA (Certified Laban / Bartenieff Movement Analyst, trained by EUROLAB).
She particularly loves improvisation and the connection of various artistic disciplines. With this she builds on Laban's "Dance, sound, word”!
Her seminars release the creativity of the participants, promote vitality through a supportive and safe atmosphere and leave a lasting impact.
Furthermore she is currently in training to become a Voice Dialogue coach through Dr. Hal and Sidra Stone of Transforming Dialogue        (, Dorchester, Dorset, UK) and gives private sessions.

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