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Aiming High Project

Aiming High Project
Debbie and Jessie have currently completed 5 sessions at Nancealverne school working with the younger age group of children with life limiting conditions and profound and multiple disabilities.The project is currently funded, by the West Cornwall Youth Trust and they are now applying for further funding to help the project become sustainable.
Kerry from the main co came to join them one week.

The work is really exciting and is a development from working with people with high needs in centres that we used to do and hope to restart. Then Debs through her work as a nurse met these children and the idea for this work was born. We had long wanted to send in a team, a faciltiator and a dancer, they are even more skilled as are; two professionals, a Disability Nurse and Professional Dancer, both facilitators under Shallal and members of Shallal main company.

"We know that what can be achieved by two facilitators is greater than one; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." 

‘Their work has been inspirational.  They have taken a new approach to working with students who are also wheelchair bound, and have introduced new ways of encouraging movement and self-awareness for these students. They clearly explain what they are doing to do, and why, so that the adults in the class can use these skills at other times, both to promote relaxation and to create learning opportunities.  They have shown themselves to be sensitive to the needs and disabilities of the students’.
Class Teacher 

‘We used to be able to do creative activities like this, but now we have to follow the curriculum,........... This is far more beneficial to the children’s independent learning and growth’.
 support worker 

" Shallal –  delivers a weekly session to our young people who have profound and multiple difficulties.

Shallal allows the young people to participate in music and dance – an activity which they would never have access to in the community.

 Through Shallal our young people develop an awareness of themselves within their environment and they are encouraged to explore and extend their physical movements outside the confines of their wheelchairs.

We have also noticed that their mental health needs are being met. We have observed  a noticeable difference in their verbal and physical reactions showing us that their anxiety levels are being reduced and they are becoming more relaxed.

It is an extremely positive experience for all our young people .......
Fiona Flindall
Head Teacher 

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