Tuesday, 12 June 2012

"the moment"

I'm really enjoying my statement collecting, thanks to Ruth this time, and need it after thinking of how to articulte what we do for a visual art bid..i want the inclusive studiios to happen!

Shallal is a statement!  About the buzz of inclusion, the space for individuality and the potential of a community.  It goes well beyond itself, infecting others with its warmth and passion and infusing a sense of community good will from the inside out.
Shallal has given me an opportunity, through working with the dancers, to engage in that rare commodity – the moment – which is the real stuff of life, and the meeting point found so readily in shared creative improvisation. 

Ruth Boulton, music therapist

Anna and i just had coffee and cake time and spread a large sheet of paper out at Gyllyngdune cafe to draw our plans for Godolphin, hoping picture boxes will help rehearsal.

"How to be joyful when writing bids?"is my new existential question  (just asked Mary how to spell existential and she said how do you spell pretentious- off to give her attention!!) .....answers please on a pretty postcard

you can tell i have a lot of other things to do by how much i'm blogging!! just revving up..we hope....

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