Friday, 29 June 2012


Last rehearsals of Godolphin and Mousehole until we transpose to the places, which will be exciting..pillars instead of chairs,- Godolphin and  large lumps of concrete instead of tables - Mousehole

just found this;
Sally's edible poetry..we did a workshop with her recently

These two performances are awash with poetry, and Sally and Debs are busy hatching plans for writing groups. I am hatching long term plan for poetry book and undecided on format..there are many discussions waiting in the wings to be started and chewed over after these performances.....

Studio, now have permission to use offered free space, meeting with old artist friend this week about it, site visit needed before end of July.
Endless funding issues, who to apply to etc
on the back of that or forming that are the interesting possibilities of new projects and facilitiators and collaborations;
Big welcome to Jessie and congratulations for a 2 1 in her Choreography degree!!!
Debs hopes/plans to have more time available
new look website to be done
new group facebook page being built
forming site shows into indoor autumn/winter show,October 5th back to our old haunt The Acorn with indoor Doorways show
photography book by Andy
new venue for Thursday evening group
writing/poetry groups...
performing at The Gathering 22nd September?
performing at Falmouth Art gallery 7th September

and more...
to continue relationships with UCF, Gyllngdune Gardens, Falmouth Art Gallery
funding from Feast for 3 Days of Inclusive Community Dance Theatre for Cornwall, working with Access Theatre
developing work with Kneehigh? via Shallal's old friend Anna Marie Murphy
will main co have basic funding for next term? one bid in...

this is the time when all converges, seasonal work ( performances) flowering, preparing for harvest,  planning for next year (funding application etc)

At present we have a wonderful team so, here goes, and hope is a wonderful thing, combined with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Now i need to go and put costumes in box and settle for performances, rehearsals went well (but not so smooth you have to worry).....about right, and the fun of the places will lift it all.

Some more photos;

watch out "oar"dience here they come to Mousehole, and spot them at Godolphin -thinly disguised as first aiders

Toby brings Fatamorganna to the beach next Friday, nearer to the sea! 

they were naughty enough to be transposed into seagulls but, retaining their true form they reemerge at Godolphin

 2 Sunsets is one of the pieces to get a full airing this year and can be seen in both situations
 We hope you enjoy it ( as much as we enjoy working together) and congratulations again to Jessie on the left, next to Zoe and then Rory
We've just celebrated Elaine's birthday and her poem starts Godolphin

photos by Andy Parker
and off to write to Sarah, who welcomed and supported us so wonderfully in Gyllyngdune Gardens, to complete our communications, but more plans now hatching with an eye on bandstands at the moment, they have one and wanted to film around the one in Morrab gardens years ago.

Hope to see you at Mousehole or Godolphin
6th and 7th July.

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