Monday, 25 June 2012

Mousehole and more

"I just wanted to say that............. went to see Shallal at
the HFC on Monday and it was BRILLIANT !!!!

.......... was so
exquiste and we loved watching her dance x Everyone was fabulous x"
an email from old friends of Shallal

I had a window of opportunity to see Eddie's art show..WOW very strong work,and lots of it, really glad to have seen it, lots of ideas for how we can collaborate with Eddie when he leaves us on Fridays to study Art full time next year. He will have Wednesday afternoons free so can work on ideas /projects... and hopefully link them into his course work as well. I particularly liked his photographs from the Fair and projection, loved the range of media he uses.
Also saw Sophie's lovely paintings, and Nigel's interesting photographs, and bumped into Lisa Mortensen and Andrew Bird so a good night out and thanks to Nigel for driving us.

Onto Doorways!
and i'd better go and find the photos, fun rehearsals, all pulling together fast and furiously, 
2 rehearsals ongoing, in our ideal world Godolphin show was going to be 3 weeks later than Mousehole so easliy spread out devising etc, but life doesn't always go as planned, in fact old joke, from Phil;
How do you make God laugh?
Tell him your plans! 
so now we are rehearsing them in tandem, Godolphin done; apart from rolling out of cloth?! shall we / shan't we? looking at it next Friday,
and Mousehole formed in last part of morning and a good site visit in afternoon, ending up with coffee, cake or ice cream and chat with Sally who was fresh back from Venice!
Many thanks to Ollie ( stage management etc) for coming all day and for Tina..we are gradually getting the production support we need...and Olie knows us all well now.
So full steam ahead...
Photo of Mousehole Doorways by Sally
2 songs/poems in process from Sally, inspired by Doorways and sayings.....ideas for where to perform on beach approx 2pm and a wonderful doorway, Keigwin 12 and 4pm - if we get permission....

A few snapshots from outing! apologies for blue filter look, getting used to new camera....





Jessie and Florence
so nice to have Flo with us!

Rory, Flo, Toby, Anna, Olie, Colin, Zoe, Sam and Jessie

where Gazebo will go!

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