Friday, 1 June 2012

Thank you for Gyllyngdune and Next stop Holi-day Festival on Wednesday

Thank you to everyone! for yesterday at Gyllyngdune.
We had lots of good feedback, the sun shone - but not too hot and fully on last show.
It all came together, - right down to the piece of material I was given from Oman from over 30yrs ago that we swirled around a mermaids tail - more obvious was Toby's wonderful sea creature who paraded herself through Falmouth high street ( she is just too big for my van ) to get there and was transfigured over night from a wondeful skeleton to her full coloured winged potential.....well done Toby.
Everyone gave wonderful performances and it would be wrong to single anyone out so a big well done to all the company on all levels, performance (obviously) and support, production skills, costume, sound, set - thanks again to Tony Minnion and Colin for creating screens from wonderful art work....hope to have photos soon to show you.
Barbara and Chris where there filming, as well as photography with Meesha from UCF and Andy.
Apex performed in the quarry, a great space, and we met some new friends and have requests to join the company from 4 people.
written feedback so far;
"It is amazing that people with disabilities can express themselves so freely through dance and movement.The public are interested in their performances. Long may it continue."

We also had quite a few people moved to tears....interesting what one asks from art i definitely want to be "moved"
another interesting comment/ observation was it creates "cracks" i could go on about this for ages and am so grateful to Belinda for the comment as it has confirmed part of my philosophy/methodology and placed it more clearly for me in the greater scheme of things.....something to do with holding improvisation within a structure allows humanity to come through, each time doing it anew knowing the route but coming to it afresh in the moment and meeting others in that way..
also not the place words go easily or we wouldn't dance!
anyway i may worble on about that some other time....
i dusted off my copy of Natural Dance by Peter Slade the other day he had tremendous insights into how people move / express themselves, and stages within the process...

Friends and Dancing came and did really well before the 2 pm show.

It was a lovely full day and now we move on to our Next Stop;

Holi-day Festival at Holifield farm, Gweek.
Wednesday 6th June
Workshop 12pm
Performance 1pm..more likely 1.15pm

a quick share from Shallal friend Philip Robinson
worth a look lovely idea!

Have just emptied the van and the nature of the work is as we finish one project we need to plan the next..however the ideas part is fun..writing up isn't so much.... but getting used to if the sunshines i hope to have arty planning meeting this week on St Ives beach with teenagers surfing! and Rory and i chatting. Mousehole and Godolphin coming soon, skeleton running order and lots of ideas and 3/4 pieces so just need to firm up..some work will be transplanted, some totally different as the place demands!
Having been carried away by art now have remembered an application needs finishing by Wednesday, so landing softly with a small bump and returning to housework!

Thank you again to everyone for yesterday and thank you to Gyllyngdune Gardens, especially Sarah, who couldn't have been better hosts, it was a fantastic space to work in on all levels; inspiration, access, hospitality, support etc

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