Thursday, 12 March 2020

Embodied Space with Peter Freeman - film by Barbara Santi and chat

Embodied Space with Pete Freeman
Many thanks to Barbara for this beautifully interwoven promo/film showing the inter-relationships of the art forms.

Wonderful, innovative and beautiful work. Well done to all!

  • Tina Cockett
     Congratulations to everyone involved! A real weaving of movement, light and sound, wanted to join in!!
  • Tina Cockett And as always Barbara you have captured the essence on film

I find myself in some of the background Shallal relationships and have been missing Zoe recently and now am aware how much i miss what Marjorie gave, a constant supportive presence sometimes questioning challenging but we need that and always with care for the other and an understanding of how far we had come and how far we need to go.
So much has improved but we can't stop and have to maintain the vision and pressure.
We maybe about to drop the word inclusion i see it branded around a lot now and we always need to move on, we believe in a society where there is equal worth, care and support and that should be our norm!  Justin challenged it and Phoebe agrees and i think the time might be right...
Lou shared Nneue Kalu 

The studio is attracting artists as we had hoped, old friends and allies such as Lisa Mortensen who covered my maternity leave in SDT and i had hoped to work with again for years!
You can follow the stories of the artists on instagram.

Many of the performers are at their peak! 
Wonderful to see. 
Shallal 2 was 'small is beautiful' last night, 5 people of different types and ages working together so harmoniously, drama, humour, grace a rare treat and despite struggles in daily life etc.

A place to breathe, a space to allow creativity and connection without being precious about it.

So Marjorie was in my mind, as well as i need to get on and make a crowd funder for this Poetry book and launch it soon.

Life moves on and this Wednesday a week later,  Zoe was at Shallal 2 after a good day in the studio with Phoebe and Eddie.
George dropped round with Sam on Tuesday and is willing to have a go at making a short film for our crowdfunder tomorrow!
Lisa and i have booked a chat on Monday.
So this week was busy and nice with conversations with Peter Freeman and George on taking our collaboration out and about and with Claudia for her new labyrinthine project, which could feature Colin drawing a large labyrinth in the sand.

Enjoyed visiting Liskeard group today, so good to see the group grow, and watch Thomas and Demelza explore makaton, BSL and dance/story telling.

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