Tuesday, 24 March 2020

COVID 19 legislation & surfaces information

Good morning!
Mary our eldest daughter did Enviromental Science degree so she keeps me up to date and mentioned last night concerns about the new legislation.
Unpolitical as i am -most of the time-, I am always concerned and this is cause for being vigilant!
Coronavirus Emergency legislation.
"While Labour believed unprecedented measures were now needed to "save lives and protect our communities", he said the measures would "chill every Liberal in the House" and it only offered its support with a "heavy heart".
However, he said the bill required careful scrutiny to ensure the "quite extraordinary" powers were not abused, particularly in changes to rules on mental health sectioning and the provision of social care.
The bill, he warned, would give councils the power to "downgrade" care for the disabled and the elderly and that this should be subject to a review by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.
While councils should be able to prioritise those with the greatest needs in the event of staff shortages, "what no-one of us wants to see is the legal minimum of support become the default"."

I read this checking addresses for our bike Shallal 2 parcel post drop off having missed the post, (snail mail and i were never good friends, post stays in my home unsent for years!) Jo L will be doing more of it probably once we are more organised!?!
Shallal 2 are a non techy group, post and phonecalls the preferred contact routes!
Very excited to be using my "new' passed on bike!
my once a day outside the house exercise, a Shallal2 ' post ' drop off, on bike, gloved delivery and with, research into how long the virus can stay on different surfaces.
 Lets keep vigilant and try to be ahead of what we are being recommended (it can stay up to 1 days on card).
'virus can survive on hard surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours and on cardboard for up to 24 hours.'
more info on
Stay safe and well.

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