Saturday, 2 March 2019

Shallal definition, old posters etc


The name is Cornish -  meaning a celebration, usually a wedding, when a musical procession was created with people banging pots and pans.
It was adopted by the company because of its celebratory meaning. 
 Diana Morris our first (voluntary) administrator and mentor on people politics.
She was Newlyn Art Gallery's first Education outreach officer.

The name was suggested by Anna Marie Murphy, who went on to work with Kneehigh and be a highly successful writer, performer, workshop leader etc

I have often been asked if Shallal is an Arabic word and i recently discovered there is the same word which means waterfall.

Shallal-band.................. Clashing of tin pans to serenade newly-weds
Street Celebration - first show from Penzance Gateway Club, second show Sea Saw, and third show Creeping Chairs!
tidying up and finding stuff! such as these first posters

wandering around the internet checking facts and found this!
from 9 years ago..
It is nearly a year ago since Marjorie's passing ( 18 March 2018) and again we remember how much she gave us all.

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