Monday, 11 March 2019

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces .....

Hear My Voice at Falmouth Library

Peer group feedback really appreciated, as Lou write the bid!
"the show last night about suffragettes in Cornwall was so wonderful, so many really important issues brought to light in such a creative and expressive way without being the least bit preachy. There was no hammering home of issues, instead the invitation to think about things, which is so much more powerful."

Art & Home....

My dear husband back painting, I learn so much watching his process.

Anna, Lois & Thomas
so excited to explore Thomas' progression as a dance/theatre artist, moving into working with others towards a company, small steps starting meeting after the Liskeard group for 20-30mins on Thursdays 12-12.30pm.
Thomas belongs to Access Theatre Company and has performed and trained with Far Flung
He is highly experienced and we look forward to seeing what opportunities we can all grow together. Lois and he are planning a workshop and he aims for a midsummer dance piece.
More excitement now we can advertise this...
I love their work so really looking forward to it....

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