Saturday, 23 March 2019

Trebah - filming day

 A grand day out!
The Cornish March weather was kind to us, the steep sloping, glorious bejewelled ( with flowers) spring valley sheltered us and the warm sunshine meant that James the film maker had to wait for the gentle cloud covering he preferred.
It all came together on the day, aided by the offer of the rail of costumes - much appreciated, and so we set forth: comedy by the pond ( not sure it will get into the final edit) but it was good! then the beautiful pale blue bridge and vistas, then the beach, 'o joy of joys',  Sorrowful Song ( i'm on a requiem theme now?! have been learning The Wayfaring Stranger). It looked so strong and beautiful ( hard to find the correct adjectives - but i was very pleased with it), it gave us 10 mins Embodied Space improv on the beach, ( great new project R&D, as was it all, working in well along with the filming).
Harry Theaker joined in with us all day something he and we have always wanted and now we have such a good starting point for his continued input. We are grateful to have his support on the film and now we also have it in Here and Now, so we hope to skype, share film and have lovely arty chats!!!
James assisted by Eli, the film will be black and white ( and 2 mins) but the colours were lovely

7,500 American Soldiers left for D-day from this area, Trebah was one of the embarkation points
'Sorrowful Song'

just snaps
We were happy with what we managed in the day.
- there wasn't time for some of the ideas and material, so it remains to see if we will return?
to create our own longer piece?
- maybe just small groups for the smaller, intimate ideas -
George was filming for us, we'll discuss it next week.

Jonathan and 'crew"
Thanks for the ice creams and all your help Sara.
Ice cream provided the pause and 'fuel' before returning to the top of the garden to complete filming and then a late lunch. Star and i were both honoured by birthday poems composed and recited 
for us by Zoe
 Many thanks to Chris Hibbert who originally wanted us involved and to:
Sara Waller - dance project and more
James Stuart - Lightbox Films
Guy Watson - Trebah Gardens Ampi theatre and events co-ordinator
and all who helped on the day.
The access was a challenge, so we were thrilled to invite Kerry T back to help us in a supporting role, assisted by George.
Toby in costume, chatting with George.
Top of the garden, in the end we managed the access by 'topping and tailing' it. 3 cars drove down to the pond and beach sites and then returned to final site the lawn in front of the house.


                                           Thoughts from the week include.....................

                                                    Extinction Rebellion

                                                 and Mary Olivers poetry
                                                  Three sets of last lines 

                                             Joy is not made to be a crumb.  *

                                             ...still ready, beyond all else,
                                                to dance for the world.  **

                                   Let me keep my distance, always, from those
                                       who think they have the answers.  

                                Let me keep company always with those who say
                                     "Look!" and laugh in astonishment,
                                      and bow their heads.  ***

***-this is one of the pleasures for me of working with others in Shallal, alongside the profound fun of gestural communication and humour. Thank you all x

by Mary Oliver

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  1. Loved it Jo...all the better for the various challenges...big thanks to you for forging the way as ever. Here's to more 'occasional' ventures into the world of heritage and beyond.