Tuesday, 12 June 2018


Sometimes sorrow just hits out of the blue!
I had a hard day with rehearsals for 'Remembering Marjorie' on Friday, some great work was done, but i am slow and that frustrates me - all normal creative process stuff - and then i came home to news.
Via a friend i heard news that Tom, who was the first Associate artist in the Liskeard group had died, as far as i know from a seizure, he had had a head injury which left him prone to seizures.

The news left me reeling and tonight i have heard of the service to celebrate his life on Saturday 2pm in Somerset.

We send his mum Judy and his sister our deepest sympathy and much love.

Tom was a joy to work with: intelligent, sensitive, highly creative, easy going, joyful, amusing, friendly. He had a capacity of 'heart'. We had wonderful wide ranging conversations on our way to and from work he was very insightful and perceptive and really understood improvisation, i learnt a lot from him.

Tom had wanted to see some footage of a performance he was in at Dance Platform 2016, so now i will try to edit it out for the occasion.
You can see a few rehearsal photos on:
Donations in memory of Tom are for these charities


Open Door

Anyones child

I am often so grateful for the wonderful people i meet through Shallal and Tom is truly one of them.

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