Monday, 18 June 2018

list of some of the films and inspiring links!

Shallal – Celebration in Film
Friday  22 June 11am
Newlyn Filmhouse

Join us to celebrate the completion of Cornish Doorways project with the films produced over the 3 years plus some classic Shallal shorts.

Cornish Doorways evaluation film (approx. 5 mins)
Passmore Hats (approx. 2 mins)
Falmouth show film (approx. 5 mins)
Shallal – making an almighty din (11 mins)
Tranquility (4 mins)
Duchess and the Doll film (3 ins 40 sec)
Duchess, the doll and the dog animation (approx. 2 mins)
Trevor Film (2 mins 30 secs)
The Crows (1 mins 40 secs)
Moving Words Nancealverne School (4 mins)
The Wild (1 mins 54 secs)
Tree poem (49 secs)
What is Inclusive Dance? (1 min 32 secs)

Ghosts of Godolphin (2 mins 18 secs)

plus new short film by George and more.....

after the films....

Whilst googling around contacting our patrons came across these:
first 2 were benefits for Shallal

Robert Fripp

Patrick Gale

Jeremy Annear
A supportive artist friend who put our crowd funder on his instagram,
has an opening tomorrow in London....

The Indra Congress
Also this amazing work by David who comes to Liskeard 'Out There' group:

......a global metaphor for the Golden Rule, i.e. that all peoples are treated as we would wish to be treated ourselves. The young participants, co-ordinators, artists and others that make up the precious jewels in the net of the Indra Congress, use the wonderful, probing, challenging and joyful language of the arts as a vehicle to this end: together we imagine and aspire to a better world guided by compassion, justice and creativity.

I am 'proud' not an adjective i use easily, but friends are starting Welcome - Falmouth and Penryn Welcome refugee families
some of you may remember we sent money from Shallal 2's Porthmeor Show to Peoples Action in housing,  many people want to help the refugee crisis, and this is in response to that need on both sides, for help and to help.
You can meet Welcome at Parklive
in Falmouth on Sunday 24 June 10.30- 6.30pm, i hope to be there 2.30-4.30 
and there are plans for an event at Falmouth Art Gallery on Saturday...

A Band of Brothers
While we are on being inspired by what people do (in the face of difficulty and adversity).....changing the world one step at a time....another amazing organisation that Colin is involved in....

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