Thursday, 14 June 2018

Thank you to Victoria and don't forget the 22 June!

                                                           Big thank you to Victoria

hat and prop making added to Victorias skills!

Now we know the project has fully come to it's conclusion as Victoria leaves. We wish her well in all here new ventures!
As our new project co-ordinator she came along and saved us ( me mainly! as we had regular weekly meetings to keep on top of the delivery, timetable, recording and reporting) from confusion as we delivered the Cornish Doorways Project involving ......
2 major outdoor site specific shows, research and development, exhibitions,  installations, film, a book, prop making, visiting artists, outreach performances to libraries and well as all the behind the scenes running of Shallal Dance Theatre.
We couldn't have done it without her and she also picked up along the way Costume - fantastic and much noted by audience and appreciated by performers,
and then the wonderful Shallal Sketchbooks came into it's own under her to look at all she as done ....
i haven't time to enumerate all she did suffice to say the list of jobs covers 2 sides of A4....thankfully we have skilled people waiting in the wings to continue and develop it all.
Kerry now runs the Shallal Sketchbooks and crowdfunder.
Please help us continue this fantastic and simple accessible project, with far reaching outcomes!

We hope to see you at the events on Friday 22 June, a chance to see the films on big screen! we are very excited and pleased to do this, thank you to Barbara for organising it ..
Songs, poems dances at 2pm
Remembering Marjorie
Skye who has just left Truro College and is doing so well is coming to perform...
surrounded by the beautiful art work and a chance to purchase some!
Along with chats and snacks!!!

Shallal - A Celebration in Film is at Newlyn Filmhouse 11am Friday 22 June,
entrance by donation

followed by refreshments and Fundraising Exhibition ( banners, paintings, drawings, carvings from the Doorways Project) in St Peters Hall 12.30-3pm with 
Remembering Marjorie at 2pm
dances, poems, songs in memory of her from Shallal, 
with guest artist, singer song writer Skye Anna Mackay

Exhibition in the foyer of Shallal Sketchbooks, they are currently crowdfunding to continue...

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