Friday, 20 April 2018

moscow talk

There is a lot to share from last night. I am waiting for photos to arrive from others and our camera. Ever since I have had close Russian friends I am impressed by their quality of soul and hospitality and yesterday was no exception although somehow in my nerves I had forgotten that and not expected it in work?! But of course artists who want to share and reach others have it in abundance.
They constantly help and support each other joyfully.
Olga and Marsha who we are staying with have run us around through intense traffic jams! Fed us, showed us sights etc.Yesterday they got us there, we are 1-2 hours outside the centre! Before that they arranged for us to be shown around 2 incredible exhibitions, one life changing! a retrospective of an amazing famous Russian artist, ' all my life I wanted to paint the light of the sun' but was haunted by 'the fury of war'.

Thanks to: Sophia and Alla who invited us, Olga who made the connections, hosted us and so much more along with Marsha, who then asked Nicholas who came and helped with computer set up, Malena translated for the talk for free and continued translating well into the night as Alexis had many of us back to his flat to celebrate, meet and carry on the conversations, complete with toasts and famous Russian hospitality!!
They often live in small spaces but have big hearts, everyone fits in.

Now I am up early my head is racing, how we can continue this wonderful exchange? that is full of potential.

(Some of the reality for people with support needs here is sobering, it sounds as if when your parents die the only option is state provision/ care and there is little or no help for families i.e. disabilty allowance, carers support etc.)

The exhibition was lovely and the film made about their year long project creating it was delightful.

My presents from last night.
Painting, film survey, gallery guide, and catalogue from their exhibition.

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