Thursday, 19 April 2018

20 April talk tonight

Hurray I'm into the blog!
I have brought the Shallal iPad with me which is proving easier than a smart phone for many things!
So the last chance to prepare my talk/presentation and yesterday I realised I will have to prepare but also improvise, slightly scary through an interpreter but here goes....
Anna has helped create a PowerPoint and I have the support of many short films most of which were made by or with Barbara Santi of Awen. These and 2 potential running orders should be enough scaffolding to build the talk on, we hope. I wouldn't be worried if just talking about the art and people but it's the background structure and detail which could require exact detail and amounts. My son immediately asked how many people do you work with? so maybe I need to add up a bit ..I'm not a statistics person..

So I have at last found a link and it looks like the venue

Our friends are very supportive and we need to check the memory stick works?! Small glitches!!
I look forward to meeting them afterwards as Q&A is hopefully easier.

I come with all the wonderful artists and people who make up Shallal in my head and heart so just hope to do them justice or at least not fail!!
The films can pay tribute to them ....if my part doesn't live up to it.

Home on Wednesday for work, standing in for Debs at Express Yourself and Friends and Dancing this term, and someone coming in to talk about growing sunflowers?! I think at the end of Shallal 2. First one of the summer term at Liskeard and Thomas has kindly written about the group for the Liskereet Centre newsletter and 2 shows of Ladders and  Footprints on Friday.
This weekend  though a short Russian holiday, the Kremlin - inside its walls are amazing cathedrals and wall paintings- and Zagorsk are on the itinerary...

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