Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Reflections and links re Wolfgang and funding and studio and Moscow ...

One of the clearest write ups of Wolfgang and his work:

I can never thank him enough and when you read stories of successful companies and initiatives* they often mention working with him if only for one workshop, the work can change your life.
*Anjali,  Magpie dance, Salamander Tandem....




Whilst looking at how to further work with Tretyakov Gallery i met this reply.....

"Unfortunately currently the British Council in Russia has been told to cease operations. 

We are profoundly disappointed at this development. It is our view that when political or diplomatic relations become difficult, cultural relations and educational opportunities are vital to maintain on-going dialogue between people and institutions."

Good news, that we have Big Lottery Funding for Liskeard and EY/FAD for this term - thank you to Nick who write the bid!
Sad news none in yet for Penzance Open House

Good news ,Lou has written a great application and i spent yesterday contacting wonderful venues so fingers crossed for that! soon to go in!

Good news, nice meeting with Jasmine Cole who we hope to work with

Good news, we have funding for equipment for new studio space, so more soon and gentle use over the summer and then residencies in the autumn! get in touch if you want to see it /get involved...Thank you to Cultivator and Creative Kernow

Looking at exhibition in Moscow before talk!
Hope to have photos from Moscow trip soon.....
this was their exhibition, hope to get their film to share with you!

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