Sunday, 1 October 2017

Undateables title?

9pm Channel 4 today Eddie on Undateables.

Eddie asked his mum to help him write into the show and he went through quite a few interviews etc before being accepted and i really admire and support him in it!
It's hard to find someone to go out with in any social group and if you have support needs your opportunities and peer group are often reduced. I have watched friends in Shallal fall in love, nearly make it and as you know from other posts FB etc the joy of Esme and Davids wedding last year.
When the programme first started i received an email asking me to let people i worked with know about the programme. I wrote back saying, i couldn't possibly advertise a show with that name to people i care about, as it would mean i endorsed the shows title of them as Undateable! and it was insulting.
So for a long time i never watched it, however one of my children did and liked it and asked me to so ( despite the title ) i watched a few and was very moved by some of the very human stories with emotion and love in them.
I still really dislike the title and was pleased to read this article recently....

however it has worked for Eddie and along with many people on the autistic spectrum Eddie is happy for others to know about his autism, as it helps them understand and support him. However many people i work with have been very unhappy to be labelled, and so i tend towards that, as we are all human, all people and we all have vulnerability and support needs, some we are born with, some come along later in life, some come and go people first and if i need to know your particular support needs then tell me about it so i can....
it's a big subject with human dignity in its centre and more importantly love...

so in cowardice i didn't FB the above article today but put it up here instead...

as didn't want to spoil the joy of Eddie's follow up...which i will be joyfully watching tonight !

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