Thursday, 19 October 2017

Creation Space, potential new studio !

Exciting news that Shallal have Creation Space funding from Hall for Cornwall, for our early Research and Development work for Cross Boundaries which will take place within our Back Lane West residency!
which has just started, 3 collaborating artists in on Monday followed by a returning artist and Saturday Anna and Annis!
Many people have commented how they love this time of year and returning to Back Lane West and this year it is more simple and blank than ever, an open canvas space for anything to happen, be explored!
So far new artists and old returning and it all gets busy this coming half term week, with the artists who inspired this R&D coming in.
A chat with Janice has solved one problem how to show Anna and Annis's fantastic work! so a bizarre and quirky coffee table book is in the planning!

Anna and Annis setting up in Back Lane West 

Potential new permanent studio!
And i think i can now share that we are very excited to be at the beginning of what we hope will be a long partnership with recent Shallal friends who would like us to use their renovated cattle barn as our Studio!!
Its central to Cornwall and on the top of a wonderful hill with views for miles, sea glimpses! and when we went silver light was bouncing off the landscape!
Next step to create a timeline, and then we can share our progress as they insulate and finish off the interior.
Although not in the heart of a community,  it is in the hearts of those who want us there and is in the Cornish tradition of light and peace and nature surrounding us and has extraordinary potential for other projects in the garden and land around it and with others!!
Already talking to young emerging artists about early residencies and oh so many possibilities, we will start gently and build it up with a year trial.
light, tall and large space, parking to the door....

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