Thursday, 19 October 2017

CLAY at Wheal Martyn returning with friends.....

A busy month with return invitation to Wheal Martyn, many thanks to Gemma, and a chance to share work with 3 groups of children, Doubletrees School, Mevagissey Primary School Dance Club and St Austell area Home ed group!
Also to work with new associate artists Kerry Tomlins, and Anna Willis.
(Sadly we didn't get to work with Janice and Zoe with an extra group,  but another time!)

So do come!
Shallal 2 are revisiting some of our previous inspiration along with some new pieces,
there is new work created specially from the other group workshops  as well as 'Out There' with some of the Liskeard group in an new piece.
The machinery, that wonderful waterwheel and the 'floating' ponds of sinking clay feature strongly in our inspirations, along with the sheer hard physical work of moving clay!

We are thrilled to introduce Sidney!
Who some of you may remember dancing at Falmouth Art Gallery with Rosie and in a sling as a baby at AMATA from Always New residency!
Here he is with his sister Maybelle, dancing to music played by Erin!

new piece - we love the album Face to face by Alex Heffes and collaborators

Wheal Martyn project and Clair Milne community group funding has allowed us to bring on new trainee associate artists, we are really grateful and 2 of them have been in Shallal since children so they really 'get it' and can stretch it further and both their individual art practices are exciting, and Sidney is a lovely sign of continuing generations.

I do believe in art provision, not just as a project to tantalise people, open doors and then leave them but a continuing provision, which is a struggle for everyone who cares in the arts!
Projects have their place but then where!

We hope James aged 6 from the Home ed group will come to the Liskeard group .....
Last photo of Maz on the left, dancing to Erin's playing ( Erin is her 10 yr old daughter)  and their family have been into Back Lane West ( see previous blog they enjoyed it so much they are going in again at half term!

Also i believe in the importance of having somewhere you can work in creative equality with your children! There are currently 5 families working regularly in Shallal sessions.

George, Demelza, Anna and i went to Kestle Barton this week, lured by the improvised music of Spontonality.
I have been thinking of old Shallal friend Rory more recently, as he was the one who was going to make the book originally conceived from Doorways and i am collating it now - so i miss him!
So the joy of meeting Riya at Kestle Barton and finding out Rory is her close friend !
despite the long cornish narrow lanes to get there,  the warm welcome and spaces are inviting so we hope to do something there next year!
gallery and gardens

Riya and Demelza - Happy Birthday to Demelza for next week!

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