Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Safariseat Kickstarter Campaign fantastic new wheelchair design!

For any of you who have ever pushed a wheelchair, which snags at the first stone and you feel you are bumping and rattling the poor passenger with every push and there's not much you can do to make it better and you/they can't go smoothly over rough ground unless the chair costs a fortune, and if you're propelling yourself it's darned hard work on the hands -if you can do it.

 Well there is now a positive solution.

Some of you may remember me sharing the story of Freddy hurtling downhill in his wheelchair when he broke his knee, the silver lining of that hard time has turned into this design.

Safariseat Kickstarter Campaign 
Kickstarter have chosen Safariseat as a 'project we love' which means they get behind it and will help spread the word on social media. 

Share it, back it if you can and here's to more cheap, good, generous and creative solutions to such problems and lets hope they make them soon in the UK.

Freddy is my oldest nephew, ( i am a proud auntie!)
Congratulations and good wishes to him and all the team for this enterprise and more to come!

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