Saturday, 22 October 2016

News from this term, Trengwaiton Gardens Shallal Dance Theatre, Wheal Martyn Museum Shallal 2 and new group at Liskerett Centre

So much going on recently, the sun shone for our outing at Trengwainton and we had a really good time.....
lots of wonderful art work, photographs, poetry from Trengwainton still to sift through, thanks again to Barbara Santi and team
Shallal 2's trip to Wheal Martyn, wonderful site and our own tour guide.....There was a lot to learn and marvel at and we want to return again, this time possibly with Zoe taking photographs of dancers in the spaces.
Erin and Mia have joined mum Maz this term, Rosie in the background and Jo L - who could be mistaken for our tour guide!

Ley with others and Maybelle

New wonderful Liskeard group at the lovely light and airy Liskerett Centre: every Thursday morning in term time, spread the word!
Pam and Janice


The initial participants jelled so quickly that we are already working towards showing a little of their work at the Bodmin Dance Platform 22nd November.
Many thanks to old Shallal friend Alison Duress for inviting us and for Tom our support artist, it's a pleasure to work with him.

Then the final report for The Wardrobe Project: many thanks to our humble unnamed funder.... the skills gained are reflected not just in textiles and costumes created but the ease in which the company now works with each other to dress a performance sharing and sourcing items for each other.

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