Wednesday, 5 October 2016

from Summer Pop Ups

Wrote this a while ago but still want to post it:
I find I am still reeling underneath from the TV show ( and struggling and angry and hurting and many things to be looked at ).Last week we had friends staying whose daughter is volunteering on a rescue boat in the Mediterranean, her mother was receiving texts and 750 people were saved in one trip, they were overjoyed to be saved but what are the responses in some countries to them when they arrive to safety?
(Kneehigh by the way are involved and doing helpful stuff for refugees... see link as to how to help)
Star, Trevor, Jonathan and Zoe in Shallal Summer Pop ups and more, they were 'and more' unrehearsed!

Do we see "our brother as our life," do we feel connected and "love our neighbour," do we "share" there is so much to respond to, do we feel compassion fatigue and exhausted and anxious just about our own life?
Wherever we are we have struggles and we need beauty and community and care, sharing. Years ago after doing various voluntary work watching people learn and change their understanding and the whole range through to burn out, and seeing the range of needs we have in the world we live in I felt we need to choose out 'little' patch and work on it while supporting those on theirs, being supportive of each other. There is a lot i'd like to do i don't have the skills for and it would grind me down. I do believe it should be mutual and give you joy ( which is different from the American pursuit of happiness).
I hadn't meant to ramble on but a conversation yesterday brought it to the fore and I felt the need to mention to people who hadn't seen the programme so they know what is out there now.

I came into work frazzled yesterday, something i try not to do, and as ever I was amazed and impressed by the artistry, presence and creativity of everyone in the company. It was showing our pop ups indoors and some totally new spontaneous work - one of the reasons i was artistically stretched however it is also the technical side ( too many buttons and leads, and music on different systems) and many of our supports were away - i am, as i get older, so grateful and rely far more heavily, on our fantastic team, but we don't always have the budget to have everyone in place and we are a community group so sometimes people have other commitments. In the end we technically survived and i forget one piece which i was reminded of and all went well - phew!

As it was a nice informal style show i presented it and explained some of our new work techniques and so a professional friend said she watched to see 'flaws," "wobbles" and she couldn't. The style really allows people to take artistic control, choice, and they just need reminding and support in this. Presence and spontaneity are joyful, life affirming things to do and to behold.
Many people have written well on play and improvisation, and play and art are the same word in some languages i am told. Improvisation is like childhood play it is fun, magical etc but to the child it is serious it is practising skills for life and a very important part of their development, it teaches in the moment response, not reaction ( and is why it can be especially challenging to people on the autistic spectrum, although they can do it very well and do enjoy it).
Another professional old Shallal friend wrote: : Delighted to see Shallal again! spent the entire show with a broad smile on my face. Shallal's combination of humour, grace and originality is a winner :) Thank you!"

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