Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Campaign and a Show!

I was sent this:
Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/JpmaaV
a friend wrote back

"Signed, I fear for those with disabilities I really do. The government is not content with demonising them, they will re-invent the poor house and the asylum.."

It's so important not to loose what we have.

So much has improved over the last 30 years but we can never rest, if you are vulnerable you need appropriate support.

So two ways to start the New Year! 
Sign the petition and some entertainment for a dark January night:

Daniela who we have the pleasure to work with, ( in the main company and Open House with Colin - who is also in the show and designed the lovely poster) brings her style of "in the moment" work! with friends.....
worth seeing.....

“The Secret Fools Show”

a foolishly improvised show.
No one knows what will happen ! This Show is a show with improvised  dance, drama and music.
There will be NO scripts at all and everything will be created out of the moment, out of nothingness.
We are excited and hope you are ! Take the adventure and come to see this very special show.
Who else but a fool would step onto an empty stage without knowing what he is going to do, say or play.
You just get one chance because every show is different, mirroring back what is alive in that moment in time and with you, the audience, being present.

Players: Franki Anderson, Ray Bowler, Eric Mutch, Rikki Jacout, Al Head, Simon Jeanpierre , Colin Curbishley,

Ellena Fries, Daniela Schlemm (maybe Roman Bloodworth and George Bradley-Peer?)

No scripts! Just an empty space, an audience and a piano!
We hope you will enjoy it.
The entrance is free but we suggest a minimum donation of £ 5

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