Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Happy Christmas

Well, a fun day last Friday in the main company with lots of exciting "play/open space" after a good warm up with seasonal but obscure music, we went on to play - my favourite- ..i gave them a 3 min exercise, no music, open improvisation structure, and (none of us are sure how long) it was extended to, 20 mins at least, as everyone played! no great dictator - music - just the fun of it and the opportunity to be yourself, extend yourself, work to your own rhythm, be sparked by others creativity and ideas, no end product needed. We talked quickly about it at the end, you could write a thesis on this work and people do / have, but it really suits us, and we have been so busy the last year that we have enjoyed freedom to play.
We finished early for our Christmas party (this time in Newlyn) and everyone from the main company was there!

Our Christmas photo is one by Zoe on her fantastic new camera, a prize from a competition.

improvisation gone horsey! and group chat

trying to capture some of the "play"

thanks to Simon who brought in this seasonal and beautiful instrument ....I loved Toby and Sam's hats! and grins...
after music came hearty Carol singing ( now a tradition) led by Tina and Glen. Visitors included Andy, and baby Ruby. 
 last some images from Moving Words second session and next time we will have Barbara with us!
Thank you to everyone for their fantastic support this year, it has been busy and rich in variety, and we hope next year will be the same, with many interesting projects on the horizon, and a commitment to maintaining all that is good.
We always build projects and groups from the ground up: developing the ideas, needs, passions, inspiration of those we know and work with and those we hope to reach!
So here's to continuing! and many thanks to Colin who dropped in on Monday and talked about the beliefs and ethos behind the work for him!

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