Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Statement from Myfanwy Moran, fundraising and Christmas Party

Sometime ago i posted an essay by Jamie Moran about the film Pina.
Now i would like to post something written by his wife Mayfanwy an impressive and remarkable woman and it is good to hear her voice.

[Myfanwy was asked by a Tamil of Sri Lanka to write something for the first Tamil language newspaper in the UK]

I am in my ninety second year, so I have seen several generations pass since I was born. I grew up in several countries and different cultures, all of which gave me something that I remember with gratitude. A strength in my heart against the blows of life. In later years I have met other peoples from the mountains of Tibet to the jungles of New Guinea, and what has always rejoiced me is the similar character of all common humanity. Kindness, hospitality, family life, generosity with what they have; and their pursuit of the sacred in whatever shape it has been shown to them. This is the ‘highest common factor’ that unites us all.
Time passes and things change. Man has discovered that the resources of the earth are finite and that we can use them up and destroy the animals. Global Warming accentuates the violent face nature can show us when disturbed.
Since my youth man has created the atom bomb and gone to the moon; played with dangerous powers of destruction, inherently irreversible.  
Most striking is all the various new forms of communicating that have drawn the whole world together. We have learnt the pleasures and sorrows of others far away. History has revealed many wrongs and injustices that have been wrought over time between nations, that cry out for redress. This has polarized us. On the one hand, there are those who listen and try to heal the wounds. On the other, there are those who demand vengeance for their wrongs.
People move from continent to continent, and now we have multi-cultural societies thrown together, and what will be the result? In some quarters there is a growing lack of respect, and without respect nothing flourishes. Respect for parents, respect for the opposite sex, respect for the innocent souls of our children. There is growing disrespect for the people in society who are doing their best to look after us, sometimes inadequately. 
Do we want a mishmash society, without beliefs, without roots, whose only commonality is the pursuit of money? Like a stew I once made in my ignorance, that tasted of absolutely nothing.. Or a dish where herbs and spices, each distinct and separate, mixed with a loving hand that will all blend together to make something greater than the sum of its parts?

Mrs. Myfanwy Moran
London, UK.
2 Dec 13

Some good news trickling in on the funding side, which helps us face the new year! but nothing that can be announced publicly yet!
The fundraising efforts this term have brought in over a £1000 and more to come!
Most sessions finish next week: so we look forward to lots of mince pies, sparkly props and fun!
Main Company Christmas Party 12pm - 3pm at St Peter's Hall, Newlyn, on Friday 13th December.

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