Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Year snaps! and New County Hall "You Matter"

Some snaps again!
For our third session for Moving Words we had use of Falmouth Council chambers as well as the Falmouth Art gallery as a space.
Anis, Anna and Skye creating a BSL poem

the council chamber, a fantastic space
It was exciting to watch the creative writing blossom into BSL, and start from BSL. The film element with Barbara Santi opened up the work already created into interesting cross art form experiments and the work took off. People worked in groups or individually exploring the way forward.
When Demelza and Saff translated Saff's Bat poem into sign language, it was beautiful and I felt that excitement you get when creativity and new worlds of possibility open up. By the 4th and final week everyone had something interesting going on and we look forward to the results and final edits. Thank you to everyone involved in the first Moving Words group and to Falmouth Art Gallery for their excellent and continued support. 

Next: Trevor danced with baby Ruby, so a photo was needed. 
Trevor is now 73 and has just moved to Truro, he is one of the most popular members of the main company and did 3 consecutive pieces in our recent County Hall Outreach show.
Debs, Ruby and Trevor at Friends and Dancing Falmouth.
about a 50 + drawings for dresses later ( Zoe has been handing them to me for a few years now!) we finally mange to combine Geraldine ( our dummy) and Zoe with the orange material and some help from Zo. so eventually 3D costume/fashion design.
First exercise was to experiment with draping the material, I didn't expect success so early on but I should have realised as Zoe is a real creative and you just have to put the right materials and support in front of her!
First week pinned, second week tacked, this week we will try it on Katie, seated in background.
I have dreams and schemes to develop a R and D project from it, but we shall see.
Zoe has dreams to create dresses for different members of the co.
And meanwhile Anna wants to continue playing with plastic and I should look for some old net in the attic.
 On the orange theme - a much needed colour in the depths of grey January - Colin and Joseph both serious Man City Fans, lay down the base colour for their canvases. I hope to record their progress.
Off camera, Jo Lumber and Sam enjoyed a trip to Newlyn Art Gallery and there were lots of little groups of work from: textiles to sci-fi cities, pastel landscapes, painting, sketchbook on ipad- Kerry's exploratory work is delicate and lovely -, to chicken wire modelling- great to have sculpture element with Anne - thank you.
Colin and Joseph
 Last not least: our second invitation to open You Matter student event at New County Hall.
so the "in the round" setting of the Council Chambers was not such a shock, and efforts towards better access had been heard and implemented. Thank you to them for a great time. Well done to all the performers and supporters and we had some good feedback.

group photo - tea in the foyer afterwards

Amazing performances, great dances, great singing and totally hypnotic!
Kelvin Julian

Brilliant performance. Well done to all the performers, you all did fantastic!
Really good performance, Well done!

Such an impactive performance, passionate and fun. Well done, so inspiring :)
community police officer

 "I wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic performance at County Hall the feedback from our students was great!"
                                                                      Sarah Forbes
                                                        Student Placement Co-ordinator

                                                                    Truro College

Open House continues and has a good number of participants at Redruth last week.

Here's to the New Year and to survive and thrive!
Thank you again to all those who helped us fundraise last term it has really helped us enter the New Year.

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