Friday, 1 March 2013

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Some lovely photos from Andy on flicker
so many possibilities
Andy and I have been hatching ideas for ages now we need to nail some down, exhibition, book/s ? we shall see what we can do...we had a chat today

Shallal 2; rehearsal photos from the fundraiser

everyone works their best, so i don't like to single anyone out but in this image you can clearly see Anne who everyone enjoys working with, she brings an artists eye and clarity to her work and is positive and enthusiastic in feedback on work.

Skye in the middle with Peter and Daniella to the left. Peter has just joined Shallal 2 from Friends and Dancing. Daniella is now working more in the main company, she and Colin will be running a skills share for us soon.

Anna and Skye whose main dance experience has been through Shallal love going to Freefall's regular classes in Falmouth.
 They are friendly, relaxed, encouraging with fluid exciting movement.
Jessie and Rory can be seen on this video link;
for their Summer School; 

Back into funding stress, like a chronic illness you can; forget it,- at your peril!-  live with it and on a good day ignore it but it always pops back up again!

Still the work generally brings joy and a good dose of fun and we are in rehearsal, probably my favourite time, lots of ideas and exploring, a real jazz feel coming through the main co work which was totally unexpected but suits the humour and style of many people at the moment. Katie did some strong and clear work, Lydia and Katie Sam are getting to used to how we work, (it can take time to settle in and we expect everyone to work at their full potential) and fantastic new dancer Daniel from Redruth Open House group came in this week and has already created duet piece with Demelza!
George -musician- and Tom and friends - film - back next week.
Jo from Shallal 2 came to visit and enjoyed the day out! it will be interesting to see how the fluidity between Shallal 2 and the main company develops.
We are busy hatching plans for Shallal2 for the summer and they did wonderful work this week with new people trying the session.

Thanks to all those whose support and encouragement keep us going,
 and love to Marjorie, who is unable to come to the main company for a while so we are creating a new piece to one of her favourite pieces of music for her and hope to give her a showing and include it in our repertoire! 
Marjorie 82, Zoe and i are the only original company members left we have worked together for over 20 years!
I'm soon 50 and will stop going on about it soon!?! but interesting when you are probably over the hill of one's life! the view/ perspective changes, all down hill? the momentum increases!
An urgency to seed the work more...

And if you've got this far; 
AGM Monday at The Old Dairy Bread St, Penzance 6.45pm

Still more; the sketchbooks have arrived ..........! 
many of us are eagerly awaiting ours!!

i could go on ....Duane brought in cling film and sellotape torso and all sorts, but for another blog.................

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