Thursday, 21 March 2013

Invitation to Friends and Dancing 27th March 11am-12pm

I had thought this was going to be a quiet time, but that never seems to be the case which is all good as so much is buzzing along, the balance being to keep the established work going as well as the new ideas.
So; Friends and Dancing come to the end of a fantastic time funded by Health Perfect where Sammy, Brenda and Lauren increased their peer support skills. 
Invitation to join us next week below:

Next term we move into survival mode while awaiting next funding, we really need to source some local sponsorship and/or philanthropist ........any suggestions on a postcard ! or email.....
The Dracaena Centre are actively seeking funding and support for us, with a development  aim to offering a writing/expressive arts style group in the afternoon as well.

Shallal 2 continues to attract new members and is creatively very strong and works an open improvisational structure.

I just saw some moving photographs from Aiming High, I am so thrilled this project is doing so well.

On a housekeeping note- thank you to Colin who came to help sort costumes yesterday!

I will soon be quiet about being 50 , but just to say I really enjoyed working with everyone yesterday - thank you for a lovely day.
Shallal sessions work for me as for most other people i feel cheered by it..and need that dose of mutual creativity in my life. A sign of whether people really "get' the work is when they use words such as reciprocal!

So i must get on..... and look forward to seeing Toby - returned from Spain tomorrow

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