Wednesday, 20 March 2013

from Friday Gyllyngdune Gardens recce

Sharing ideas at the end of the afternoon!
Thanks to Gyllyngdune Gardens and Sarah for their fantastic hospitality and rained! and it was good to meet Ruth their new artist in residence who some of Shallal already know and work with.
Colin showing an ideas was red nose day!

Well we had an interesting research and development day! We couldn't get into the site till 12.30 as they had had a fire nearby!! expect the unexpected! and read the back of Colin's coat!
Our kind friends at the Dracaena Centre gave us shelter for the morning..where some lovely improv and a lot of musical talent were explored. We are enjoying all that George brings to the company.

Here are some of Elaine's photos;

Tomorrow some of us are off to a Helen Parlor workshop in Truro - thanks to The Works for organising this.

Early tomorrow morning Jo Lumber is coming round to finish an application which would involve Shallal 2....all groups were great today.
Friday main company brings visits from Barbara Santi and Jo Mayes to work on new ideas, and a trustees meeting is rescheduled on Monday but some of us will still meet to do creative catch up chats ....always really useful.
Up to 38 sketchbooks out there! and they are beginning to create a life for themselves already, creative chat with Amande Harris from Keap coming soon.

Just in: fantastic photos from Andy from Friday on his new web site,

6-32 on right hand gallery

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