Sunday, 2 September 2012

Godolphin feedback

Thank you to Ruth Wall who gave us her audience feedback;

I came across Shallal at Godolphin House earlier in the year and was really moved by their performance.
The setting is wonderful of course and the performers used the space really imaginatively.
There was a very real sense of enjoyment and excitement as well as team spirit from all involved. It is rare to see this level of pride and joy in a performance. There were particular solo spots from certain performers, one by a woman who was an incredible dancer and communicator, but it was the company spirit as a whole which really bowled me over. The music/sound scape was cleverly put together without being dominant and the simple props were brilliantly used.  I was so impressed I watched the show twice.

Ruth Wall

At the moment i am trying to pull together what is needed for us to return to Godolphin next year with an extended version of the show described above, artistically that can happen "easily?" bid writing wise we are still shining torches in the dark..but thank you to the Shallal 'family" for increasing moral support and lending torches, it's easier to do everything in collaboration.. and we pray it will happen! especially if i get off the blog and onto the rest of work!

Had a lovely creative time with Rory last week discussing the flow for the 3 indoor shows;
at The Acorn, Penzance, 5th October
Launcestopn Town Hall 23rd November , matinee
The Performance Centre , UCF,14th December
 these are  funded by the Arts Council-  and thank you again to The Clare Milne Trust who are funding our weekly existence in the main company this term!

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