Monday, 24 September 2012


So, after last blog some old and some new offers/possibilities of help in bid writing to create  and develop our new 3 year project, thank you to everyone and i have learnt a lot, had interesting and insightful conversations..and now on with,
some snapshots;
a lovely photo from Friends and Dancing this week, taken for publicity but slightly blurred, so will try again next week. Brenda and Sammy are doing really well in increasing their insight and experience, thanks to our present funders Peoples Health Trust.
find them on;
Everything stopped to welcome Hannah and her new baby Amelie. who dropped into visit, another good reason for a photo!

next Shallal2
Luke and Flo

Flo and Anna
Such a lovely part of the work that we can take our children to the community groups, especially the performance ones, although as you can see in the first photo Flo is part of Friends and Dancing as well.
 Flo and Luke are doing well within the new Shallal2 group, which is flourishing and i have high hopes we will eventually forfill the intial idea to have a main company off shoot or create a new performing group.
 So as a balance to the adult world of fund raising , .....i thought i'd post their photos from last week.
Luke attending a meeting with myself and Sara in a nice coffee shop, happily bribed by hot chocolate- white this time!- a brownie and my second hand ipod, originally brought for work, but now ...a toy....?!
Sara was very helpful to talk to, though after one expresso too early in the morning i definitely talk too much!

Eddie and Jessie working on a new dance.....

They are developing a lovely elegant piece, inspired by dancing in the performance at the Art Gallery. Eddie and Jo, who has recently joined us, are also developing some lovely comic improvisations, and we are enjoying the space.

Photo of where we performed our two smaller shows in Mousehole, the house used to be the Keighwin Arma and at one stage of it's long history was Dolly Pentreath's local pub, only a few metres away from her front door!

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